We provide expert, holistic assessment and bespoke, intensive, interdisciplinary rehabilitation for people with functional neurological symptoms.

Our Mission

As leaders in our field, we recognise just how difficult it can be to get integrated, 'brain-mind', assessment and intensive rehabilitation for complex neurological problems, including brain injury and functional neurological disorder.  Our mission is to bring neurological and neuropsychiatric expertise together in an unique partnership in the independent sector, which provides evidence-based, high quality care in an outpatient and day patient setting, using an interdisciplinary therapy approach.

What we do

There is now a growing base of scientific evidence for the specific types of rehabilitation that can be helpful for people with FND and TBI. We are leaders in the field of developing and applying such rehabilitation techniques and in particular working out individually tailored rehabilitation programs. We specialize in offering holistic assessment which results in a bespoke plan for treatment aimed at maximizing potential for improvement and recovery.

How do we do it

Holistic Assessment

The first and most important thing that we do is to listen to you – to understand the problems and difficulties you have, how they have developed, what treatments you have tried before and are still trying, and how the symptoms have affected you physically, emotionally and socially. With a joint specialist neurology and neuropsychiatry assessment and with access to all the previous medical records we can gather, we will build up a comprehensive and holistic picture of your illness and the way it has affected you. This is the best start to being able to discuss with you how we might be able to help improve your situation through rehabilitation.


There is not a 'one size fits all' approach to neurorehabilitation – everyone is different.  Likewise, rehabilitation is different depending on the diagnosis: there are specific techniques that are successful in people with FND and TBI. We work closely with experienced neurophysiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists and speech and language therapists to design a bespoke rehabilitation program. For most people this is delivered as a daycare program within the fantastic rehabilitation facilities at the Wellington Hospital. We assess your progress regularly, changing the program as needed, to make sure you have the best chance of improvement and recovery.

Follow up

We want to stay in touch with you and continue to support your recovery. We work with community based rehabilitation providers as partners and will continue to oversee your progress for as long as is needed. 

why do we work with both BRAIN & mind?

It is common for medicine and society to want to separate 'physical' and 'psychological' problems. There is a tendency to treat problems that are classed as 'psychological' as somehow less important or less real, than those considered 'physical'.  However, the separation between physical and psychological makes very little sense when one considers illnesses that affect the brain.  Brain and mind occupy the same organ, and therefore it is not very surprising that illnesses that cause neurological symptoms commonly cause mental health problems too, and vice versa.

There are some specific diagnoses where the overlap between brain and mind is particularly important, and therefore where getting holistic care and treatment is often very difficult. These include certain types of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), also sometimes known as conversion disorder.