We accept referrals from healthcare professionals and ask that you provide your General Practitioner's details when registering with us so that we can let them know how you are doing with your rehabilitation and any recommendations that we make for you.  

Once we have received a referral, we will contact you to provide you with login details to our secure 'user area' where you can provide further details of your difficulties, complete some questionnaires before we meet you and also let us know how you would like us to make contact with you and give consent to our receiving copies of your medical records.  Paper copies of these documents are available if you would prefer.

At your appointment, you will have a joint consultation with Professor Edwards and Dr Dilley which will include an holistic assessment and examination as is necessary for your particular difficulties.  Ideally, you will be able to bring someone with you that knows you well.

After the consultation, we provide you and your referrer with a report detailing your difficulties, their history, the findings of our assessment and investigations and our opinion and recommendations for rehabilitation and treatment.

Treatment options include outpatient and day patient physiotherapy or cognitive therapy either alone or together; the interdisciplinary day program or recommendations about other kinds of therapies.

Assessment and treatment costs are available by email.


Referrals are accepted by post or email